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gypsum moon mine 1After a whole lot of discussion, consideration, and soul-searching, we’ve decided to hold our very first dig, on our four mostly wooded acres near Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re aiming for this fall, and we are so excited to begin inviting people to Gypsum Moon Mine!

I’ll let Kay talk now, but do be sure not to miss the slideshow at the end – all crystals that have come from our property!

In Kay’s words:

I’ve lived here for 30 years now, and I’ve been a rockhound for nearly 20 of those years. I’ve found many, many beautiful quartz crystals right here, as well as other amazing minerals.  CJ and I have decided that it’s time to go beyond surface collecting and minor digging, and we’ve been busy preparing for our planned dig for several months now.

After a good rain, it’s amazing what Mother Nature shares with us. We’ve already added many of these to our display cabinet. I’m going to share a few pictures of more of our crystals right here.

One of the first crystals found was this boulder with a few points. The points were in plain view when I dug them up. I know, it’s not the most beautiful crystal plate you ever saw, but it was a beginning.first find gypsum moon mine

Closer view of this beauty, here:

first find close up

Every time it rains, more beautiful stones begin to come to the surface, and we have a steady flow of everything from small broken crystals to large boulders with points as well as massive quartz matrix. Some of these boulders are pink, some yellow, some blue to gray. So many vugs, so much drusy!

gypsum moon mine 2gypsum moon mine 3gypsum moon mine

I can sit with these pieces and look at them for hours… they are so interesting. But what is yet to be uncovered? Don’t you wonder, too?

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We’ll be keeping our first dig down to a minimum number of participants, and we do have a list going of folks who want to sign up. Let us know if you’re interested in more information by leaving a comment, below.

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Bright blessings,
CJ and Kay