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big quartz

Last fall, CJ and I spent days and days digging to get a large flat chunk of quartz out of one of our digging spots on our property in Mecklenburg County. Eventually it came out in a few pieces. One was a 20 inch by 19 inch by 2-1/4 inch slab. It was beautiful, absolutely stunning on both sides, and we sold it very quickly at a local event – so quickly that we didn’t even get a photo of it! The woman who bought it said her husband wanted a stepping stone in their garden and that it was just perfect.

The quartz you see in the slideshow below was another piece we dug out from that same area. It’s quite a bit smaller at 6 inches by 4 inches by roughly 2 inches wide – but absolutely every bit as interesting as its larger sisters.

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Look at it closely.  Don’t you wonder what it looks like inside?  I  sure did! So I took this piece down to our shop and added some baby oil to our 10 inch Raytech rock saw, and decided while cutting that I wanted to remove all six sides to give a completely naked view of this chunk of quartz.

Here it is with the four end pieces sliced off.

And here it is with all six pieces sliced away.



After cleaning the oil away and cleaning out some of the vugs, this is what we found. I see some limonite (also called brown hematite), red rutile, manganese, chromite maybe, and perhaps even gold, all within this one quartz matrix. What do you see? Leave us a comment below if you see anything else!


The outside skin of the quartz.


Inside view of the skin from this quartz.


Look at the crystal point inside this vug.

We’re still in the planning stages for a dig here at Gypsum Moon Mine for this fall, so if you’re interested in participating, leave us a comment below, and we’ll add you to our quickly growing list.

Bright blessings,
Kay & CJ